The Washington State University Rugby Club is seeking sponsors for the 2011-2012 seasons

Sponsorship Options:

Crimson Special thanks on Supporters page with web link (1000 visits per month) + recognition in our Alumni Newsletter $50
Bronze Crimson + special thanks on WSU Rugby Supporters and Alumni T-shirt (100+ sold) $150
Silver Crimson + Main Logo on WSU Rugby Supporters and Alumni T-shirt (100+ sold) $300
Gold Bronze + 1 year logo and weblink at wsurfc.org (Main Banner visible from every page; 1,000 visits per month) $500

*to donate a different amount click here

Founded in 1973, Cougar Rugby is one of the premier Collegiate Division I rugby clubs in the Pacific Northwest. Club membership compliments WSU’s outstanding academics with a quality athletic program for the serious non-Varsity student athlete.   The unique mental and physical demands of rugby teach life lessons in teamwork, perseverance, performance under pressure, and leadership.

We are:

  • A non-profit organization with over 50 active players and coaches.
  • Members of the WSU Rugby Football Club (RFC) are sanctioned by and in good standing with Washington State University.
  • Members of The WSU Recreation Department (UREC)
  • Part of the broader Pacific Northwest rugby community — a network of more than 10,000 players, families, fans, and supporters.

Additionally, the WSURFC Alumni Association is an official WSU Cougar Network that boasts over 600 registered members.

Why is funding necessary?
The WSU Men’s Rugby Club plays in the USA Rugby Collegiate Division I competition.  Our conference stretches from Seattle to Utah.  We also travel to other universities around the United States during national playoff competition and to UCLA every Spring to compete in the PAC-12 Tournament.  The Washington State University Division of Recreational Sports funds approximately $1500 of the $15,000 required for annual club operations.  The remainder is funded by player dues, fundraisers, and sponsorship. All contributions are tax deductible and fully accountable

Thank you for supporting the proud tradition of Cougar Rugby.  On to Victory!

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