The Washington State University Rugby Alumni Association (WSURFCAA) is a registered Non-Profit organization that was founded to assist the development of Rugby at Washington State University. The WSURFC Alumni Association is committed to promoting sportsmanship and the continued success of the WSU Rugby Football Club. WSURFCAA is responsible for maintaining the long-term legacy of the Club by improving the visibility of the program in the eyes of the Washington State University administration and the community at large.


The alumni network will continue to support the program by working towards achieving the following goals:

  • Provide support to maintain positive relationship between the University and the Club
  • Provide financial support through awareness of donation avenues, fund raising activities and the maximizing sponsorship opportunities
  • Create sustainable returns through our long-term endowment fund
  • Organize annual alumni events


Membership Dues:

Dues are $100 for Alumni or $120 if you pay in $10 monthly installments. You will save $20 per year if you set up up yearly payments. Dues paid in full grant Alumni voting status in the association as well as discounts at Alumni Events. 50% will be allocated to the endowment and the remainder will fund alumni events and functions, as well as serve as a cash reserve to support the current team. You can cancel your recurring payments at any time.

To Pay Dues or Donate to Alumni Association and support the program please use the paypal below or mail to the address provided. If you would like to donate a different amount than below click here. You also have the option to contribute directly to the endowment, and can set up your own recurring payment plan.



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