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The Washington State University Men’s Rugby Club is a part of the Northwest Collegiate Rugby Conference (NCRC) and is sanctioned by USA Rugby. It is affiliated with the WSU University Recreation Sports Club Federation and sanctioned by and in good standing with Washington State University.

Founded in 1973, The WSU Rugby Football Club (RFC) is one of the premier Collegiate Division I rugby clubs in the Pacific Northwest. Club membership compliments WSU’s outstanding academics with a quality athletic program for the serious non-Varsity student athlete.   The unique mental and physical demands of rugby teach life lessons in teamwork, perseverance, performance under pressure, and leadership. Several graduated players have gone onto play rugby at higher levels, as well as run their own businesses. WSU Rugby Alumni include: lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers and businessmen of all sectors. Our program allows the diversification and development of a very broad social and professional network.



(Established in 1973)

The WSU Men’s Rugby Club was founded in 1973s and has competed at the local and national level since.  After adventures of the South Pacific Island tour in the early 1990′s the team returned to Pullman with a vengeance. Great coaches of the past, “The Mackinator”, Jason Drew, and former New Zealand All Black Luke’ Eravanula, helped the Cougars return to their former glory. Along with great coaches, player legends like Joe Schnerr, Jed the Head, Hawaii Dana Myers, Dob, Dully, and Adam Johns led the Cougars to the Collegiate Division II Elite Eight National Tournament in Reno, Nevada. They played liked gladiators, but came up short. The following season the Cougars moved into Collegiate Division I. The 2001-2002 season was a rebuilding year due to the loss of many old boys to graduation and entering into a more challenging division.

In 2002-03 the team would have a break out season. The Cougars would advance to the North Coast Regional tournament at St. Mary’s college, located in the Moraga Hills overlooking the Bay Area. The Cougars lost the first game to a strong St. Mary’s team. However, the next day in the consolation game they punished division rival Central Washington University and the traitor Chris Kopp for 80 minutes. With the loss to St. Mary’s our team could not advance any further and would finish the 2002-03 season as the #17 team in the country. The current club is building on the successes of the past and hope to even further this year by advancing to the National Collegiate Division I Sweet 16 Tournament.


The Cougar rugby team has competed at the Pacific Coast playoffs multiple times through the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Post season appearances include:

1995 – Pacific Coast National Championship Tournament (San Diego)

2001 – Division II National Championship tournament (7th in the nation)
2004 – Pacific Coast playoffs
2005 – Pacific Coast playoffs
2008 – Pacific Coast playoffs

Hundreds of players have donned the crimson and gray, with many considering their rugby experiences the pinnacle moments of their college careers. The club continues to thrive thanks to the incredible dedication of current players and supportive alumni. Rugby, like life, is a team sport and teamwork is vital to success.


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