WSU Men’s Rugby Club Endowment Fund

Through our relationship with the WSU Foundation we have established a tax-deductible account to promote the spirit and high ideals of WSURFC through a long term endowment fund that will provide sustainable returns for the program


How do I donate?

1. Go to http://foundation.wsu.edu/

2. Select the “WSU Men’s Rugby Club Endowment Fund

3. Select how you would like to give on the right hand side

Where are we now?

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About the Endowment

In June 2012 WSU Rugby took the step to establish an endowment with the WSU Foundation. An endowment is a fund held by the WSU Foundation that is invested as a way of creating income for a specific purpose. The principle is required to stay intact in perpetuity in order to fund it’s stated purpose. The WSU Men’s Rugby Club Endowment (Account #7246-5219) has been established with the WSU Foundation with the goal of creating income for the WSU Men’s Rugby program. The initial deposit was funded by previous alumni donations/dues, so many of you have helped make this monumental step possible without even knowing it.

Ultimately, WSU Rugby has taken this important step in order to change the trajectory of the program. From a program that is sometimes good, to a program that is consistently dominant. With a healthy endowment WSU Rugby can expect to be able to grow the size of it’s budget over time in order to adapt to the ever changing landscape of college rugby in the U.S. For the past several seasons WSU Rugby has operated on an average budget of $10,000 a year. Once the endowment becomes mature and reaches $25,000, the interest will be deposited automatically into the current WSU Rugby budget, which will result in a 10% increase in the budget in the first year of the endowment. That amount will grow over time as more money is donated into the endowment, and the endowment will continue to give back to the WSU Rugby program until WSU as an institution ceases to exist.

This going to allow WSU Rugby to create some space between itself and other local college programs. The University of California’s $5,000,000 endowment is what allows the Bears to run a dominant, self sufficient rugby program with access to top flight resources and the ability to pay full time staff. Stanford Rugby’s large endowment allows it to have a full time paid coach. WSU Rugby is not so ambitious to think that this is the end goal of our endowment, however the program hopes that the endowment will help WSU Rugby where it has struggled in the past to meet basic necessities such as jerseys, equipment, travel to playoffs, etc.

The beauty of the endowment is that is a gift that will continue to give long after it has been donated to the Foundation. For years, decades, even centuries money given to the endowment will continue to pay into the budget for WSU Rugby. But the first step in the process is to make sure the endowment reaches the $25,000 mark so that it can begin to give back to the program. Will you please do your part and give to the WSU Men’s Rugby Club Endowment today? every little bit helps and all contributions are fully accountable and tax deductible!


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